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&Free E-pub ⇨ Aristotle's Categories and Porphyry ↡ Aristotle s Doctrine of Categories is important for the history of Hellenic and Western philosophy He used it skilfully for reformulating and resolving many traditional problems of logical, ontological, epistemological and ethical import In his hands the doctrine also became a powerful tool for criticizing the Presocratics and the Academics The latter remained divided in their opinions about it to the end of the third century AD Plotinus was the last Platonist to criticize Aristotle s categories, especially in their ontological pretensions Ironically, it was Porphyry, Plotinus most brilliant disciple, who put an end to the prolonged controversy about the merit of Aristotle s categorial doctrine by favorably commenting on it Thereafter, the doctrine became part of the Neoplatonic School curriculum In this respect, Porphyry initiated a new policy of reconciliation between Platonism and Aristotelianism This work is a systematic study of Porphyry s interpretation of Aristotle s doctrine of categories In view of Plotinus s sharp criticism of it, Porphyry s sympathetic treatment of this doctrine appears problematic By textual analysis and critical argument, this study attempts to elucidate the question of how and why the two philosophers differ in their approaches to the problem which Aristotle s categories presented to them