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`EPUB ⇶ Bodine's City: The Photography of A. Aubrey Bodine ⇱ A Aubrey Bodine was a Balti Sunday Sun feature photographer foryears Theimages displayed here were shot within a four mile radius of where he lived or worked The subject matter of these powerful images is exclusively Balti, and yet this is not a Balti picture book The reason these photos transcend their geographical bounds is that Bodine s subject matter varied wildly, demonstrating the versatility of Bodine as an artist Bodine is called a pictorialist, but he is much than that one defining label He photographed people, animals, buildings, harsh weather conditions, textures, geometric patterns, and cityscapes, devoting his life to elevating photography to an art form He was famous for his dark room magic Changes to any photograph occurred in the darkroom and they were all done by hand Open these pages and enter into the magic that is Bodine s photography