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FREE BOOK õ Building Cathedrals Not Walls: Essays for Parents and Teachers À An architect visited a construction site and asked the brick masons what they were building Mister, the first worker slopped mud onto a brick, can t you see I m building a wall Every worker, no matter the chore, told the architect they were laying brick or stacking a wall One worker offered a different version of his labors He stood upright, smiled and said, Look I m building a cathedral With our day to day toils of parenting and teaching, we might say, Can t you see I m busy with the kids When we develop the art of the long view we should discover that we are building humanity We are part of a group striving to build a better world, task by task, day by day, year in year out, generation by generation When we have a plan and a vision, we understand we are building cathedrals, not walls The mundane becomes the magnificent And that makes all the difference Read Building Cathedrals Not Walls for a dose of parenting and teaching inspiration I am currently reading this book It s a great book for reading a section here and there at your own pace Very inspirational It helps me to remember to see the positive in tough situations This will be a great book to reference when feeling frustrated during a rough day at school and or home. Understanding and inspirational.