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FREE BOOK · Corruption (An Immortal in London, #1) ô NO LONGER AVAILABLE nd edition in the worksInVictoria Roseanna Jewels lost everything Inshe found than she had bargained for An Immortal in London is the enthralling story of one woman who has fought to keep her head above the darkness that corrupts every inch of the city that she once loved Victoria has been gifted with the mark of a hunter and it is her duty to use it for the good of the balanced world, but upon the discovery of a new technology the traditions that shaped Victoria s training are challenged and the immortals are forced into the twenty first century Behind the immortal story is one that is undoubtedly human, one of compassion, love, loss and the constant battle that each and every one of us has within ourselves when choosing between what is right and what we want The dead and the living must come together in this epic novel of love, war and corruption, to return the immortal balance to the world See you in the afterlife