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The family story that unfolds through these books is fun, romantic, sometimes brutal but always captivating People from our time would always find ancient vikings a bit brutal The characters are interesting and individual, and the quirky revelations of the differences between times make for some very funny moments Read them all Tami Dee has a fun sense of humor and keeps the concept of Time Travel very enjoyable while interesting The romance sizzles without toppling into erotica, and the characters are richly drawn. *READ DOWNLOAD ☔ Dawn Of A Viking Sunrise ↡ Rosie Chan suddenly finds herself alone in the world Her fianc is dead, and her best friend is missing in the mist of Time An unexpected nighttime call for help from the disembodied voice of her missing friend leads to a series of events which propel Rosie into a spinning vortex of Time When Rosie tumbles out of the vortex and into the year , she quite unexpectedly falls right into love But the man who breaks her fall and captures her heart has a secret Can she love him, despite his secrets and their differing worlds Davyn Nabbodderson is banned from his homeland for a murder he does not know if he committed He flees to Scotland and seizes Castle Rose Haven, but guilt and loneliness plague him, making his life a bitter existence Until, that is, Time delivers Rosie to him But will Time allow him to keep her