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[[ E-PUB ]] ☙ Deceptions of the Heart ⇦ WICKED WEBWhen Cassie Talbot Rescued The Semi Conscious Man From The Side Of The Road, She Never Expected To Be So Drawn To The Cad And When She Discovered His True Identity, She Knew That He Could Never Know The Secret Of Who She Really Was That Truth Would Come At The Cost Of All That She Held Dear But Something Kept Drawing Her Back Into His Caress, Yearning For Yet Another Kiss His Touch Was Like A Powerful Drug, And Once Cassie Had One Taste Of His Lips She Became Obsessed With The Thought Of TANGLED LIESFor The First Time In His Life, Cameron Chandler Was Afraid He Had Sailed The World And Known Many Women, But There Was Something Different About The Daring Vixen Who Saved His Life Maybe It Was The Way She Fit So Perfectly In His Embrace, Or The Way Her Dark Blue Eyes Mirrored His Own Passion Cameron Knew That She Was Keeping The Truth Of Her Identity Close To Her Chest, But He Swore To Expose It And Deal With The Consequences He Knew One Fact For Certain Cassie Talbot Was His Now To Love, Cherish And To Protect Against Any Deceptions Of The Heart