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(((Free))) ⇝ Despite Everything I Won ☛ The fancy version The new version of the glorious and updated, includes photo albums and videosA true story about anyears old brave boy, who succeeded to escape from the burning ghetto to the huge forests of North Belarus, while the Nazi s machine guns were shooting all over, and the Nazi s tanks are firing the Glubokoye ghetto on August th,His twin brother, and all of his entire broad family uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents were killed by the Nazis in this ghetto on this tragic day Michael Etkin was the only survivor from the entire broad Etkin familyOne bullet from the Nazi s firing machine guns had hit his foot, but still he succeeded to reach the forest and joined the Partisans He stayed with the Partisans in the huge forests of Belarus for almost a year, then searched for his dear beloved mother Eva Kaminska Etkin who was a brave Jewish partisan, fighting against the Nazis in another forest, and was murdered by the Nazis , and in Aprilhe immigrated to Israel, and rebuilt the Etkin family This is a story of triumph, proving that everything is possible An inspiring book for all ages No one can defeat those who refuse to give up Only the person himself determines his fate This is the main message of this story An amazing life story of Michael Etkin, who was a physical education teacher in Israel for many years, and educated many generations of children to be aware of the resilience of the spirit and power of man, and became to be well recognized and admired by everyone he met Against all odds, Michael Etkin succeeded to rise from the ashes and built a large extended great family in the land of Israel Michael died in Februaryat the age of , and immortalized his life story in this inspiring bookNever give up