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( Read E-pub ) Ø Forbidden Relations 1: his wife × A Military man stationed overseas entrusts his own blood to keep an eye on his wife and kids One day Dennis comes over while the kids are in school and decides to reveal a long festering secret that can change the whole family Janice is grateful for his help, but after revealing his secret, shocked, she reveals her own and leads them to a passionate affair in the bed she shares with her husband This erotica short story is explicit and includes graphic depictions of sex acts The word count for this short story isForbidden Relations series Forbidden Relationshis wife Forbidden Relationshis family friend Forbidden Relationshis freshman Available July Super short I m not against the subject matter, but the reasons for it, and how it happens and is portrayed does make a difference This was somewhat gratuitous, so not top of my list YK. Terrible rushed story Nothing exciting to get me hot The dialogue seems to have been written by an inexperienced teenager Covers look cheap and home made I would not pay 20p or 20 cents for this authors stories. Was a quick readbrother in law checks on his brothers wife both having issues and end up pleasing each other then leave has a quick note that they continue this quick sex later on too.