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`DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇨ Fred Kabotie: Hopi Indian Artist ☞ Fred Kabotie was born into a highly traditional Hopi family at Songo opavi, Second Mesa, Arizona, Kabotie His father belonged to the sun clan and he belonged to the Bluebird Clan His Hopi name was Naqavo ma, meaning the sun coming up day after day however, his paternal grandfather gave him the nickname Qaavotay, meaning tomorrow His teacher at Toreva Day School spelled his nickname Kabotie, which stuck with him for the rest of his lifeAs a child, he drew images of katsinas with bits of coal and earth pigments onto rock surfaces near his homeAfter his spotty attendance at the local day school, Kabotie was forced to attend the Santa Fe Indian School, where he says, I was supposed to discard all my Hopi belief, all my Hopi way of life, and become a white man and become a Christian English was the only language students were allowed to speak John DeHuff became superintendent of the school and went against the prevailing government policy of suppressing Native cultures Elizabeth DeHuff, John s wife, taught painting to students from the school, beginning with Kabotie Missing his home, Kabotie painted katsinas and sold his first painting forcents to the school s carpentry teacherBecause of his encouragement of Native cultures, John DeHuff was demoted from his post and forced to leave the school He convinced Kabotie to continue his education at Santa Fe Public High School During his summer vacations, Kabotie worked with artists Velino Shije Herrera Zia Pueblo and Alfonso Roybal San Ildefonso Pueblo on archaeological excavations for the Museum of New Mexico Kabotie commenced a long association with Edgar Lee Hewett, a local archaeologist, working at such excavations as Jemez Springs, New Mexico and Gran Quivira