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[[ Read E-pub ]] ï Free To Fly: A Story Of Manic Depression µ Free to Fly is a harrowing and heavenly narrative Its author courageously describes scenes from hell and then dramatizes scenes from heaven It shows that with hope and persistence men and women have the chance to search and find the freedom to grow wings John Robert Colombo There are so many wonderful lessons in this book The inner world of someone with bipolar disorder, stigmas associated with mental disorders, strengths and weaknesses of our mental health care system, and importance of cultural factors in mental health All of these are told in a vivid, poignant, insightful, and inspirational manner FREE TO FLY reveals the spiritual and personal struggles and strengths of a most remarkable person Dr Stanley Sue Director of Asian American Studies Professor of Psychology Psychiatry University of California at Davis Caroline s narrative is an important testament about the experiences and perspective of a Chinese immigrant to Canada from Hong Kong labelled as having manic depression Equally impressive is the fact that this beautiful book is written in a poetic manner with great depth and insight about madness by one who knows it from within It will appeal to a wide audience including people with a psychiatric history as well as people who work with them and anyone interested in cross cultural experiences of the mental health system in Canada Geoffrey Reaume