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@Read Kindle ⚫ Gothic Rock Black Book ì The first book ever published about Goth, written in , but out of print for nearly two decades For the st anniversary I have increased it from its originalpages to , includingphotos from my archive, the majority previously unpublished Seven chapters All About Eve, The Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission, plus two looking at the start of Goth, and the smallers bands Photos include Adam The Ants, Alien Sex Fiend, Marc Almond, Attrition, Ausgang, Batcave, Bauhaus, Bone Orchard, Christian Death, Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, Cravats, Creaming Jesus, Dancing Did, Danielle Dax, Danse Society, David J, Death Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, Flesh For Lulu, Furyo, Gunclub, Junior Manson Slags, Look Back In Anger, Martian Dance, Militia, The Mission Pleasure The Beast, Sex Gang, Sexbeat, Siiiii, Siouxsie The Banshees, Skeletal Family, Specimen, Toyah, UK Decay, Ultravox , Very Things, Virgin Prunes, Xmal Deutschland, Zero Le Creche Although this book includes a priceless collection of unpublished photographs, it only features a couple of fairly mediocre scribbles by the author If you re looking for a serious and in depth history of Gothic Death Rock, this book will surely disappoint you The writings are written in a sassy tabloid style that will indubitably annoy most readers Of course, Mick Mercer is best known for his photographs and not his unimpressive writing skills. A funny book about the gothic rock scene in the 80 s, basically Mick is a sarcastic smart ass, though there s a reason for it even a fan has to snicker at some of the outfits these bands wore Seriously But a still enjoyable bit of reading for anyone into the older gothic rock bands. Not quite as good as I found gothic rock to be, but anyone interested the subject of Gothic Music owes it to themselves to pick this one up.