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[[ Read Ebook ]] º Green Cities: A Guide for Sustainable Community Development ⚞ Description An exciting transformation is underway in communities around the world Citizens and their governments are taking action in their cities and towns to protect the environment, address poverty and other social issues, and improve the quality of life now and for the future Communities are discovering that when residents, local governments and business work together, destructive patterns of development can be transformed into beneficial outcomes that provide prosperity that is ecologically and socially sustainableHarmony Foundation s Green Cities a Guide to Sustainable Community Development offers insights and practical actions that illuminate the path towards sustainable community development An official document of UN World Environment , it includes a thought provoking foreword by Maurice Strong, an overview of sustainable community development, inspiring community success stories from around the world and an invaluable toolkit for establishing priorities and taking actionAuthor s Bio MICHAEL BLOOMFIELD is Founder and Executive Director of Harmony Foundation of Canada and Chair of Programs for Earth Council Alliance He has been widely recognized for his pioneering work in environmental education and building bridges between business, government and community interests He received UNEP s GlobalAward inat the Earth Summit, The prestigious Commonwealth Foundation inand The Ethics in Action Lifetime Achievement AwardHe is the author and or contributing editor ofbooks, numerous periodicals and reports on environment and development He has considerable experience and training in adult education, wildlife ecology, sustainable community development and ecological agricultureMICHAEL LITHGOW is a community media advocate and organizer currently completing a Masters at Concordia University His research is focused on community television as a tool for community development He is a graduate of the Community Economic Development certificate program at the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Simon Fraser UniversityReviews The Green Cities book is a very useful publication for cities Over % of the world s population now lives in cities and the nextbillion are all going to be living in cities These cities represent just % of the world s land mass but consume % of the world s resources If we are to move towards a sustainable future, cities adopting the strategies in the Green Cities guide and implementing them are going to be crucial to Planet Earth s survival I urge cities large and small to get a copy of Green Cities and get on the path towards sustainability David Cadman, Deputy Mayor, City of Vancouver, and International Vice President ICLEI Local Governments for SustainabilityThe Green Cities guide is an important and timely contribution to the efforts of cities around the world to transform urban growth into economic prosperity, social justice and ecological stability Charles Kelly, Commissioner General World Urban Forum , Vancouver Congratulations on writing the book, a superb effort and a marvelous outcome Nicholas Sonntag Senior VP Sustainable Development, CHMHill