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Hollywood is a thinly veiled first person account of Charles Bukowski s encounter with the Hollywood film world during the writing, financing, casting, production, promotion, and premiere of Barfly In a 1987 interview on a Barfly set with Roger Ebert, Bukowski briefly sets the scene leading up tp the the novel s opening I picked up this phone one day and it was Director Barbet Schroeder calling from Paris I m drinking, I hung up Never heard of him You meet a lot of phonies I hang up, he calls back, he wants me to write a movie for him I tell him I hate movies He mentions 20,000 I ask him when he s coming over Bukowski, in his usual guise as Henry Chinaski, reports the goings on with almost anthropological detachment almost because he is both repelled and fascinated by Hollywood s upper crust HE notes on the first page that the inhabitants of Marina del Ray Sailboat Lane in their special sailing clothes, caps, and dark shades had apparently escaped the daily grind of life we have just landed on the outpost of death My soul is puking says Buk to companion Sarah.Soon Bukowski s revulsion is replaced by sardonic amusement as he hits up hosts and associates for red wine at every opportunity His would be friends are only too willing to accommodate.It s been some years since I read Hollywood, so I resorted to s LOOK HERE preview Bukowski s dry humor often self deprecating is apparent early on The prose and circumstances are so delicious that the reader WANTS it to be non fiction WANTS the glossy movie people to be that facile and self involved WANTS Bukowski to be that self possessed even though in the final analysis he ll do damn near anything for another bottle By the second chapter, Buk decides that to be a scold will soon wear thin so he decides to see something of the likeable real selves beneath the shiny veneers worn by his newly introduced intimates At this point it s fair to note that the look, production values, and extremely limited distribution on first release indicates that Barfly was an independent film IMDB backs this up with its estimated 3 million budget matched by an equally small 3 million box office figure The point is that Hollywood is not A List anthropology it s rather a glimpse a of somewhat less rarified film world that comingles wealth with insecurity Money is scarce, promises are broken, new friendships are easy to make and easier to break Dejection alternates with elation as a busted deal is replaced by a new transitory pledge to support the film Bukowski s devotees claim that Hollywood is not his best , but I ll say that my reacquaintance compels me to find a copy and relish it once again. I finished listening to Ham on Rye by Bukowski and just jumped right into this one, a later one and not so great, but still pretty hilarious at times about his experience with Hollywood in the writing of the screenplay for and the making of Barfly What will you do Oh, hell, I ll write a novel about writing the screenplay and making the movie What are you going to call it Hollywood Hollywood Yes The working class Bukowski almost predictably skewers pretentious Hollywood types ala Hunter S Thompson s Fear and Loathing, but Buk can t really mask how much pleasure the whole process of making the movie was for him He loves Mickey Rourke in this movie, just loves him This is a Henry Chinaski novel, autobiographical fiction, but the story is hardly masked, just changing the names to protect the ridiculous, since most people know he made the movie Hijinks abound, though I like the young, completely berserk and down and out Bukowski to the 65 year old Bukowski still playing the role, tempered by his wife Sarah He is still drinking, of course, Sarah has him on wine now the true barfly versus the faux Hollywood barflies. @Download Pdf º Hollywood Ï A hist ria de um escritor que se v diante da oportunidade de escrever o argumento para um filme de longa metragem O personagem em quest o o alter ego do autor, Henry Chinaski, poeta e romancista de relativo sucesso com forte queda para as mulheres e para a bebida Esta hist ria foi baseada na experi ncia de Bukowski ao escrever o argumento do filme Barflay 1987 Uma hist ria que satiriza a ind stria do cinema e algumas figuras bem conhecidas do meio, compondo um retrato irresistivelmente irreverente de Hollywood ao mesmo tempo que d continuidade sua autobiografia ficcionada em v rios volumes If you read this book you really should see the movie Barfly, which is the movie Bukowski talks about in this book The book has a ton of references to that film here as well as references to his life before recognition It is easily the tamest Bukowski I ve ever read and to be honest it was almost awkward at times just how subdued he managed to be Therefore, it is somewhat ironic that it deals with the film which chronicles him as a scrappy young drunk but it is also interesting to see how much he s changed and how we find that he would like to return to those moments of drunken violence, despite their inherent negativity and self destruction That theme is consistent with vintage Bukowski which is finding something worthwhile where nobody else seems to be able to find it and that is why he s relevant Overall I would only recommend this to Bukowski fans and only to those who have either I seen the movie Barfly or II read his earlier works of which I recommend i Ham on Rye i the most The reason for number II is that if this is the first Bukowski you read you will get a first impression which is not accurate and is, in my opinion, very watered down You have the core of what Bukowski does drinks, watches the horses run, writes, takes shots at cultural trends phenomena, etc but you don t have the authority of his earlier, desperate work. It starts as a prank, not to be taken seriously But it gets better and better and by the time it s closing to the end, some of the finest lines kick through. I ve been kind of saving this one because it was the only Bukowski novel that I hadn t read But then I saw Paperback Junky on YouTube talking about Bukowski and it made me want to pick it up and tick it off.It was worth the wait If you ve read Bukowski before and you re familiar with his history then you ll even be able to tie this book back to the events that it covers Bukowski wrote the autobiographical screenplay for a movie called Barfly starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway, and this novel basically covers the period of his life around the writing of the screenplay, the shooting of the movie and its eventual release.Of course, we re also told all of this through the persona of Hank Chinaski, and Bukowski has always blurred the lines between fact and fiction in his work Nevertheless, if you re interested in his unique style of writing or if you want an honest book about Hollywood life then you re going to enjoy this one, and if you haven t watched the film then it ll increase your enjoyment if you watch it after reading the book.All in all, I enjoyed this book just as much as I expected to, and that s saying something because I went into it with high expectations I probably wouldn t recommend it as your first Bukowski novel because it d work best if you read them in chronological order, but I read them out of order and still loved it It was excellent. I have a soft spot for Bukowski, have had one since my days in community college and the early days of my time at university That being said, I wouldn t call him a great author with the likes of Shakespeare, Kafka, Joyce, but, in an odd way, I don t think he was ever meant to be one of those kinds of authors And no one seemed honest about this than Buk himself He dedicated his last book Pulp to bad writing or something to that effect and on his gravestone itself are inscribed the words Don t Try This isn t to say that the man wasn t arrogant, and perhaps a bullshitter in the leagues of Mailer or Hemingway, far from it I fell in love with the Romantic life he regularly depicted in his novels and poems not knowing or not wanting to know how much of it was true and how much of it might have been nonsense exaggeration about a class of people that life decided to lean on It was Bukowski s world equally demarcated or perhaps not between searing honesty and bullshit boasting of a sad and angry man But, that considered, it can be said that in a sense, you could call Bukowksi s oeuvre young boy s adventure literaturefor men in their twenties wanting desperately to experience something beyond sheltered suburbia.But Bukowksi had and still has something in his writing that many other even ostensibly superior writers lack It s hard to put a label on what it is Part of it is his incredible sense of place He writes about Los Angeles in a way that no other writer, native to LA or not, has been able to Under Buk s pen it s a city at once home and alienating, full of possibility and yet bereft of all hope of change or progress It s less a city and a confluence of shadows and lights, not much there, until there is Added to this, was Buk s ability to delineate and describe despair in a way that was almost heroic True, sometimes his writing smacked of overreaching, riding off into cliche every now and again Hollywood is no exception but overall Buk had a mastery of the dour and frustrating, the angst ridden and the despairing, in a way reminiscent of an almost messier and less transcendent Kafka But now on to the book itself Hollywood was Bukowski s penultimate novel, written about the time when the film Barfly was being created with Bukowski s penning the screenplay essentially telling the story of Charles Bukowski The story is pure Buk, lots of drinking, swearing, ribald jokes and generally wry observations about the human condition and the madness of artistry, any artistry The book isn t one of Buk s best, but it s still very good Most of the characters are peripheral to Hank which makes sense given the character of both the character and the author writing him However, the character Sarah Henry s wife gets the worst of this treatment as she seems less a character and a female helper to Hank with little to no actual personality But where the book scores big is with Bukowski s rendering of tone I won t bullshit you and say that Bukowksi could sense his end was near but there s a relaxed tone of acceptance, humor, and a marked decrease in the fury and despair of the Bukowski of Factotum and Post Office The dirty old man has found something akin to peace, if not happiness.So, read it, it s good, and goes down like a smooth shot Hell, go see Barfly too, it s very 80 s and Mickey Rourke is insanely over the top but much like Bukowski, he s good in such a way that even his fuck ups are worth seeing, witnessing, and experiencing. Bukowski s least vulgar and most uplifting novel Here we see Chinaski as an old man who finally has some success He s married, he s found booze equilibrium, he s established as an honest to god author This would be an interesting entry point for new bukowski readers The narrator is reflective and positive than I can remember from any of his short stories or other novels An aside I ve not read them all, but I ve read most As such,I wonder how a reader would feel about him if he she started here Would the anger of his earlier works astonish them than if they began by reading them Would they even want to read Ham on Rye or Post Office after finishing this Hollywood is honestly a pretty boring book, but because of Bukowski s transformation and his style I found it difficult to put down Anyway, this is a true five star book and I m glad to see some of the heart that the old man had Vintage Bukowski quote follows You gobble your own wienie under a sky of vomit Hollywood Hollywood People, streets and hustle, Hollywood Hollywood city movie, eyes that know sleep in the morning This is a city that must be seen on television and says I was here and I know this street 2010 6 Barfl 1987American comedy drama film directed by Barbet Schroeder and starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. I loved this book See a lot of eh reviews Have no idea if it s my own involvement in film, writing and Los Angeles of the past that makes this tale a spark of real life I believe it s the writing alone that does it.This is Bukowski as Bukowski, not Hank Hollywood was and still is a pleasure to read A must have for any screen writer, rags to riches bum, alcoholic literary being, or the real reason to read Buk or Fante the Clean Line.It s the story of Barfly a Bukowski book and the making of that film It starred Mickey O Rourke Bukowski had such a wonderful time seeing the project through and it shows in this work It is a peek into the real life of an icon.Seems readers either love him or hate him I met him in a bar, in Long Beach in the very early 80 s, and thought that he was a consummate asshole.Based on a personal experience I refused to read any of his work and filled myself with righteous indignation.What an ass Me Not Buk.The man could write.Hollywood is a personal story, filled with the real feelings and observations of an author finally revered for their work Finally taken seriously Finally able to let his personal side and thoughts of his life come out It is quite different than any of his other writings Well, so was Pulp Pulp however was pretty damned bad Bukowski.Hollywood Dig it babies.