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[[ FREE ]] ⇹ Insight Into Two Biblical Passages ☔ This Work Comprises New Insights Into Two Biblical Passages The First Study, Titled The Anatomy Of A Prohibition, Uses The TLG Computer Database To Offer A New Interpretation Of I Timothy The Author Provides Insight That The TLG Computer, With Its Data Selections FromBC BCE ToAD CE, Supports The Interpretation Of One Of The Key Words Authentein As Committing Violent Action, Not Having Authority It Then Explores The Effect Of This Interpretation On Exegesis, Gender Pronouncements, Hermeneutics, Tradition, Theology, And Relevance As A Supplement, It Offers A History Of Traditional Translations, Mistranslations, And Interpretations The Second Insight Study Discusses Seeing The Suffering Servant Of Isaiah As The City Of Jerusalem This Servant City Study Is Based Upon A Comparison With The Material Outside The Songs And With Other ANE City Descriptions That Are Also In The First Millenniu