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DNF 15%.The H is angry at the h for an incredibly stupid reason so he hits her, pulls a gun on her twice, and takes a knife to her face He is also sleeping with another woman but won t stop tormenting and abusing the h Utter garbage this guy was a lunatic Was an abusive asshole until the very end, much appreciated. Awesome This book will suck you in to the story line until the end and have you looking forbooks Need proofreading but an excellent story teller. *EBOOK ⇦ Jonas ⇱ Jonas Porter, once a nice guy finds out his girlfriend lied and betrayed him His inner demons take over forcing him to punish her Not able to live without her, yet not able to live with her, Maddie suffers at the hands of a once sweet and loving man Warning This is and adults only book It contains material of sex and submission and violence If this material offends please refrain from reading Recommended for readers agedyears and over