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Loved this book that covered so many of our nation s great National Parks I was fortunate enough to visit many National Parks throughout my childhood This book provides goodt reference material. Not a good read aloud after all because it is loaded with facts in addition to the simple poems describing each park, but all of the content, especially the illustrations, interested me from A to Z I m inspired to take a national parks vacation the next few years I love the idea of this book, but I think the illustrations had potential to be a lot better than they were. |Download Book ♙ M Is for Majestic: A National Parks Alphabet ♔ Mighty mountains, wild rivers, fiery volcanoes, huge glaciers, vast forests, tropical islands all part of our National Parks, belonging to you and me This magnificent ABC book showcases each of America s National Parks from Acadia and American Samoa to Yosemite and Zion California travel writer David Domeniconi masterfully includes each of the thanNational Parks in this A Z pictorial Illustrator Pam Carroll s keen attention to detail makes this title one for everyone across the land to read and enjoy David Domeniconi grew up in San Francisco and graduated from San Francisco State College He is a writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in several West Coast publications His illustrated travel column, Travelog is a regular feature in the Santa Barbara Press He lives in Carmel by the Sea with his wife, JanetPamela Carroll embraces the traditional focus of realism and pictorial illusionism Her style of painting has been greatly influenced by the early Dutch Masters and the American Realists from the Second School of Philadelphia She lives with her husband in Carmel, California, where she paints daily, and is an active member of the Carmel Art Association