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( Read Epub ) ê Mars Armor Forged ë From The Best Selling Author Of WADE OF AQUITAINEThe Tiny Colony At Mars Launched During An Earth Emergency Sits Uneasy, Starved And Hopeless Until An Astonishing Chain Of Political Intrigue Lands It The Twenty Eighth Winter Olympics InThe Risky Venture Nearly Works Until Terrorists Gain A Formula That May Reignite The Dormant Volcano Olympian Skier Yves Loitte And Skater Terri Finney Find Themselves In The Middle Of A Power Struggle That May End In The Destruction Of All They Hold DearRS ARMOR FORGED Is A Near Future Techno Thriller For Those Who Love A Hard SF Showcase And The Rich Mars SubgenrePraise For The Work Of Ben Parris Ben Parris Understands The Challenge That A Writer Has, To Write Sentences That Nobody Ever Wrote Before George Clayton Johnson Oceans Eleven, Twilight Zone Movie, Logan S Run Praise From Advance Readers Of MARS ARMOR FORGED Ben Parris Is A Great And Memorable Storyteller His Characters Are Fantastic The Writing Is Wonderful And The Imagery Is The Crisp, Logical Sort That Makes Wonderful Science Fiction Chyna B Ann Arbor, MI I Must Say, You Really Do Know How To Work Your Stuff This Reminds Me Of A Shakespearean Play With Emerging Conflicts In Each Act, Your Soliloquies, Intermission Making The Viewer Come Back Every Time Matina M Sedona, AZ I Find Your Descriptions Of Mars Quite Amazing, Your Attention To Detail Is Impeccable, And With Every Chapter I Read, I Want To Read Justin L Bridgeport, CT Ben Parris assembles a stellar cast of characters in this realistic science fiction story about life on the newly inhabited Mars After a small colony develops, leaders of the red planet become dissatisfied with the way Earth wants to control them After a complex plan is developed by the governor and his assistant to overthrow Earth s control, it is quickly revealed that they re not the only ones who want control of the planet Everyone has a plan of their own to take Mars for themselves When the winter Olympic Games and terrorist attacks are thrown into play, life on Mars becomes a whirlwind.What I really liked about this book is that the characters weren t simply vessels to relay scientific information for the sake of world building and explanation While life on Mars is described very well, it isn t at the cost of good characterization, which I think often happens in hard scienc A quirky sci fi thriller with an interesting premise what if the Olympics were held on the planet Mars Mr Parris gets all the details right and if you want to know exactly what skiing would be like on mars this is the place to find out while