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!Download Kindle ⛓ My Fair Hex ñ Half pixie Lea Gillingham loves her job as assistant to the powerful Kirk Rhodes, but if she had a choice between her job and a night of passion with the gorgeous but arrogant warlock, she d take his hard body in a heartbeat Unfortunately, Kirk has never been a one woman warlock, and in any case, has never seen her as an object of desire, though she s become indispensable to him As her feelings for him grow despite her best efforts to squelch them, Lea realizes that she can t go on like this, but is determined to take one lasting memory of pleasure with her before she goes With a little help from her BFF and a handy spell, Lea disguises herself as a succubus, determined to seduce her maddening boss at the Halloween Ball, even if her disguise means he ll never know it was herKirk Rhodes is intrigued when a surprisingly shy little succubus approaches him at the Halloween Ball in search of a conquest for the night He s happy to oblige, but there s something different about her The evening takes a strange turn when he suddenly finds himself fantasizing about his steadfast assistant, Lea, rather than the voluptuous sex goddess in his arms It s only when Lea s spell starts to falter that fantasy and reality collide, and Kirk sets out to convince his skeptical assistant that he can change his ways and become a one pixie man, no magic required Male lead is a man whore, going after anything that crosses his path His female assistant is in love with him and does a spell to change her appearance so the male, her boss, will spend the night with her The boss falls for the bait, but quickly finds out it s his assistant and he s been duped Suddenly, he recalls he s had feelings for her all along and decides to change his ways for true love But will his assistant fall for his words Very short and sexxy read. Poor editing, abrupt transitions. Awesome storyLoved this whole book, it would be great as a longer novel or turned into a series, I like that the main character was half pixie, you don t see that mythological creature often in books The story was a fast read, the characters where interesting and you just have to root for Lea.