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( FREE EPUB ) ☻ No Fury ♀ Scarlett Morgue has been raped, beaten and left for dead by her boyfriend But this is not the first time this has happened to her Since the age of eleven, her father has been sexually abusing her too Her burning hatred of them demands revenge Greg Daniels is a man with a dark secret Who is he What part does the ancient Egyptian artefact, the Egg of Renen utet play in his wealth And what really happens in the bell tower of the converted church he lives in when he performs his magickal rituals Scarlett and Greg meet under trying circumstances and romance blossoms Greg uses his powers to heal Scarlett s body, and, in time, her soul He agrees to help her put a powerful binding spell on her ex boyfriend to prevent him from harming anyone else, but Scarlett has discovered that she has a natural talent for magick In the last minutes of their sex magick ritual, Scarlett takes control, and her hatred creates a far powerful spell, with terrible, unforeseen consequencesAnd what fate befalls Scarlett s father, the drunken monster that has inflicted a lifetime s abuse on Scarlett and her mother This magickal, erotic novel is often brutal in its portrayal of child abuse and domestic violence, yet is ultimately a tale of love and universal justice