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Savage MoonThis is a wonderful book I really didn t want to put this book down I stayed up late in the night reading Deborah and Teshingee s story was absolutely fabulous Theirs was an impossible love The characters were well developed and engaging Riveting read over 30 years ago and enjoyed it Passions Savage MoonI loved this story I look forward to readingof her books I recommend everyone to read this book Kattie I remember reading this as a teenager and loving it Apparently I didn t know good writing at that time This book is perfect for the white noise you sometimes need to clear you head As for good writing you won t find it here The book tends to skip around and putsevents in it then 1 book should have But then again, it was the perfect junk reading I needed. Passion s Savage MoonThis book by Colleen French was a very good book I enjoyed reading the authors version of it I am sure that you will enjoy it also. {Kindle} ¸ Passion's Savage Moon Ô Spirited Lady Deborah Montague was incensed that this savage had taken her prisoner as barter for his imprisoned brother But then she took a second look at the virile warrior and plotted a million ways to seduce him to satisfy her growing passion