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&Read ⇲ Project Kalki : Volume 2 of 4 ✖ The end of the world is upon us War Chaos Famine Suffering everywhere As if things couldn t get worse, the remains of the Indian god Rama have been stolen, turning up in a lab in India with potentially disastrous results Cloned from this mythic DNA comes a being, named Avator, that develops into full manhood in a matter of days, and exhibits an unusual ability to transmit emotion as energy But his powers are uncontrollable and he soon discovers that he s a destructive force unlike anything the world has ever seen Masterminded by a diabolically evil figure, he was clearly born to bring about the end of civilization Destined to destroy the world, can Avatar make the right choice and save it instead Written by Arjun Gaind and illustrated by Vivek Shinde Snakewoman This comic is filled with religious overtones about salvation, but it isn t burdened by them It s a pulpy story of mysterious characters, secret science, and the end of the world Project Kalki is a four issue mini series currently published by Virgin Comics Created by writer Arjun Gaind with art by Vivek Shinde, it tells the story of the Kalki, the last Avatar of Vishnu, being created by an evil geneticist The first issue shipped in May of