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Character artwork by morgana0anagrom 3 YALL I M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF GETTING DISAPPOINTED OVER NEW RELEASES I m really disappointed with this one It really met none of my expectations and it s so different from what I was expecting I feel like everything was out of place and I just didn t like the worldbuilding or the pacing I don t connect with the characters at all and it s just feel flat I skimmed most part of the book since i felt like I didn t care anyARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Read Epub ♌ Seasons of the Storm ☫ One Cold, Crisp Night, Jack Sommers Was Faced With A Choice Live Forever According To The Ancient, Magical Rules Of Gaia, Or DieJack Chose To Live, And In Exchange, He Became A Winter An Immortal Physical Embodiment Of The Season On Earth Every Year, He Must Hunt The Season Who Comes Before Him Summer Kills Spring Autumn Kills Summer Winter Kills Autumn And Spring Kills WinterJack And Fleur, A Winter And A Spring, Fall For Each Other Against All Odds To Be Together, They Ll Have To Escape The Cycle That S Been Forcing Them Apart But Their Creator Won T Let Them Go Without A Fight What a unique story When I started this, I thought the book setting was going to be set in a fantasy world So this was actually unexpected However, this was still really cool I loved the bond between Fleur and Jack So swoony The only thing I wish was different is in the beginning I would have liked for Jack and Fleur have to met for the first time or maybe seeing back flashes of their history Cosimano seriously knows how to write original works Reading the blurb like, hmmmok.Oh wow. Then, wait, Jack Like Jack Frost Like a Jack Frost retelling No effing way man sign me the eff up JACK FROST This book sounds amazing. Jack and Fleur, a Winter and a Spring, fall for each other against all odds. I WANT IT, I NEED IT, TAKE MY MONEY, PLEASE. I just love the idea of people becoming physical manifestations of the four seasons.Please tell me this was inspired by Vivaldi s Four Seasons Suite. 1 this sounds so cool no pun intended 2 I think this is literally one of the prettiest covers I have EVER seen I can t stop staring at it Wow Thank you so much to HarperTeen for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review Blog Instagram Twitter Thank you Edelweiss and HarperTeen for this ARC All thoughts and opinions are mine.Winter s crown may be heavy on your head.But you hold eternal spring in your heartIf someone of flesh and blood embodied the concept of a season, what would that life entail I don t think that I ever got an answer to that simple question That s my main bone to pick with this novel things are never quite concrete Our world has four seasons, each waning and renewing depending on the time of year As their respective seasons, Jack, Fleur, Julio and Amber manifest them They go through a cycle of hunting each other so that they may take over as the standing season at that moment, and send the one before them home The season that is then eliminated is kept sleeping in stasis, after which time they awaken again, train, and then go out into the world to find and kill the season before them and repeat the cycle They re immortal after Gaia gifts them with the power of their season at the moment of their human death.That s the gist that I got from what the book told me before things started to develop Because, unfortunately, we don t really get a lot of information on how things occur Yes, obviously, we know the basics of that which comes to pass during each season because we live these seasons in our every day lives But as characters in this story, we never live any certain period of time during their reigning moment over their section of the world I don t know what usually happens when Jack resides as Winter Does he touch things and freeze them Does he blow cold breath on people Does he just walk around aimlessly, day to day, covered from head to toe in frost, and then go to sleep only to wake up and do it again the next day We never get any insight into what it really means to be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn other than a peek of their abilities in times of crises.We are told, again and again, from the start of the novel, that Jack and Fleur are in love with each other Because seasons are kept apart and are not allowed to bond with one another on penalty of torturous punishment that can end in a final death, this is forbidden Jack and Fleur s romance never hit home for me Yes, they are sweet together Yes, they obviously fight to save each other Yes, they have that Romeo and Juliet vibe going on But I was attached and fond of Amber and Julio s romantic moments because they got to flourish in front of me Rather than have the point hammered home, I got to witnessed it And because of that, it became realistic for me Throughout and nearly until the story s conclusion, I resisted Jack and Fleur By the end, I accepted it almost to the point of it being brainwashed into me There are a lot of things that feel incomplete about the book I don t see how realistic it is that Chronos who apparently sees into the future and can tell one s fate doesn t pick up on the fact that a group of four seasons, along with their four handlers those who partner up with them and are their protectors, and eyes and ears while on the field , are going to escape from a compound that has reportedly tight security Even if they managed to slip past him, are there no cameras in there They spend so much time monitoring them once they re out in the world, but apparently they don t keep a tight leash on them in the one place where they can also get together No alarm goes off when a season breaks into an area that s not meant for them No one keeps track of the employee smuggling these people out into the world None of the spying bees and smazes that follow them around report back on what they re seeing Okay then.Once they re out of the main compound, it s one thing after another Don t get me wrong, I am incredibly fond of stories that move at a face pace, full of twists and turns with plenty of obstacles in the way of the leads when they try to accomplish a goal But the action kept being thrown at these eight characters in a way that felt forced As if the author felt that this needed to be as difficult as possible, rather than it happening organically Wherever they go, they attract attention to themselves even without doing anything There s always either a Gaia Chronos agent nearby, or Chronos guards are constantly finding them, or other seasons are trying to hunt them down as bounty, or humans find issue with them for no concrete reason Rather than going on a smooth ride through the story, it was like being constantly jolted by rough breaks Lyon and Gaia s use of Jack, Fleur, Amber and Julio to overtake Chronos felt shallow Lyon subliminally feeds Jack the necessary information so that he may get the idea to escape which Lyon so refers to as a rebellion Gaia puts the four of them in nearby areas because she assumes that they will be attracted to each other, and what do you know, what a coincidence that they are I don t understand what is so special about Jack, Fleur, Amber and Julio I still don t know what makes them the right people to help stir others into this take down Once again, I am being told to take this at face value, but I m not given enough to believe in it.I had a very difficult time letting go and embracing this story I wasn t fond of almost any character save for Amber and Julio at times, and Woody The backgrounds for them were flat, and very lacking in detail or depth save for what was absolutely necessary to know in the moment The chemistry between them as a tight group did develop as the novel progressed, and was believable as far as what comes to pass when a band of individuals is forced to work together in order to survive This appears to be the first in a duology or series of books, though I m doubtful on the necessity of this The story ends without much room for further exploration, and everyone appears to be settled where they end up.