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!READ EBOOK ☦ Stiletto Dolls ⚇ Cannes, FR, Tuesday,May , local Blackballed operative Sterling must get on that private jet The real life German Barbie doll in the white stretch is doing her she knows to change Sterling s plans again Despite the doll s best efforts, the image filling Sterling s iPhone can t be ignored The girl is wearing Sterling s dead lover s stiletto boots boots confirmed buried in the rubble of the North Tower on Worse, the girl may already know the boot s deadly secret a secret the CIA must keep buried as Sterling works to get another lost love the beautiful ex KGB assassin gone rogue off the MI hit list before her time runs out And what if Sterling opens the little gift wrapped package the doll s papa ordered be placed onboard the jet Dame Jane Sterling and the whole bloody assignment could be blown sky high Stiletto Dolls a novel of steamy psychological suspense delivers all, except a leading man The ladies rule in this contemporary twist to Cold War cloak and dagger intrigue dripping with desire, deceit, diamonds, and above all else, denial The Cast Presented in order of appearance Our Protagonist, Dame Jane Sterling A former CIA spy code named Cougar Jane, age , believes she is a pediatric psychologist Jane moonlights as a freelance operative under the cover of a professional dominatrix Katrina GoodKnight Blachmann aka Tiger, ageA KGB trained child assassin, she became a Hushgirl at ageThe Countess Kristin von Krump aka KK, ageKK is the special pain in Jane s side Miss Christi aka Mum, age , is Cougar s Stiletto Control She plays a grandmotherly role, but is nobody s Granny Miss Catherine Katrina Black aka MK, ageCatherine may be the daughter of Katrina GoodKnight One fact is certain she s trouble Heinrich von Krump the sixth aka Papa, age uncertain Papa is the billionaire mystery man that Jane is in pursuit of throughout the story The K A T, Katerina aka Boris, aka Tiger, ageThis ex KGB assassin is Katrina s half sister and Jane s mentor Given a new identity, she is now Ms Kate Smith Elsa Weiss Miss Weiss, age , is KK s girl of many hats The DC Client Work name Peter, Pete Long, agePete was Jane s CIA case officer The DC bargirl Nina, age , provides Miss Jane with unhealthy drink and distraction Natasha White aka Snow White, ageMiss White is the beautiful blonde damsel in distress honey pot whose mission is to garner Jane s affections The Lady Jacqueline Churchill age uncertain A member of MI, Lady Jacqueline is a prickly thorn from Jane s past life The kittens, Danielle, and Giselle Wright Twin sisters, ageThey live at the Blachmann Castle with Miss Christi and make life interesting for Catherine and MK Dr Samantha Sam Resnik aka the Temptress, ageSam also lives at the Castle and helps Miss Christi with the kittens Senator Winter age , is the subject prompting Jane s return to DC Secret Service Agent Carol Daniels age , and Jane have a past