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@Read Pdf ¾ The Fault in Our Stars ë Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel s story is about to be completely rewritten.Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award winning author John Green s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love. John Green.John Green.John Green.You re not like Peter Van Houten, are you What have you done to my brainand my heartI m not gonna review how exquisite John Green can write, or how he can create characters as special as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, or how amazing he can tell a story Despite the huge number of ratings and the spectacular average rating, this book is not perfect You might find it unrealistic, because if there are many of us who see the life and its complexity like Hazel and Gus do, this world will be such a happy place So like any other book, this one also might be a miss or a hit If it s a miss, then you can say it s not worth the hype But if it s a hit, it hits hard Everything in this book the characters, the story, the words, they all have the power to be an inspiration If you haven t read it, I suggest to take the chance. EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL.You will cry, because this is VERY sad.So a discussion occurred in my head after I rated the book view spoiler A voice in my head Come on You can t post that on Goodreads Me glares Why not A voice in my head aka VH Please, don t You will ruin your reputation Me weary Not that again VH Well, it s true You can t post that It s just not okay Do you have any idea how popular this book is Hint YOU CAN T EVEN GUESS.Me Why should I care Maybe some people think like me.VH You don t understand It s not just random book that you can critize like you do all the time and just get away with it This is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS And it s John Green Believe me, you do NOT want to get in the way of those crazy fans, nerdfighters or whatever it is they call themselves Me Really, what the fuck do I care I want to give this 3 stars It s not like I m giving it 1 star or something VH But why would you even do that in the first place EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE in your friend list gave it 5 stars And they used so many sobbing gifs Really, it made me cry a little just looking at them Me stares VH It won the Goodreads award for best YA Me So Fifty Shades won Best Romance VH It s got one of the highest general ratings for a book on Goodreads Me Nobody but the Goodreads community actually cares And wait I m not even sure the Goodreads community actually cares I know I don t.VH You re such a cold hearted bitch Why would you give it only 3 stars anyway Don t you have a heart And why 3 stars I know you really loved the book, deep down Me I didn t I mean, I liked it, it was okay but I didn t love it It s I mean Oh, fuck it It s overrated There I said it Sue me VH seethes You did NOT just say that Me I did Because it is Come on, did you read the dialogues in this Can we talk about the dialogues I want to talk about the dialogues.VH crosses arms Go ahead I want examples.Me Fine I ll start with the popular quotes You know what I m talking about The quotes which are totally overrated and everyone loves them and they create pics and stuff when really, if you think about the quote in itself Well, you realize that it just, you know, sucks VH mumbles How bout you suck Me What was that Actually, forget it, I don t give a shit Listen to this My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations VH So It s beautiful.Me Well tries really hard to refrain from laughing I mean Seriously Like fails miserably HAHAHAHA how pretentious can you get Comparing your thoughts to stars REALLY VH You re so shallow Some of us have deep thoughts, you know Like, thoughts so deep they actually deserve to be compared to the firmament I don t even want to explain to you how poetic this is, because I d waste my time Me Save yourself the effort, I don t mind And I ve got another example Probably my favorite That s the thing about pain It demands to be felt VH What now You re gonna say that it s so pretentious it made you cry Me Precisely nods wisely Because that s the thing about tears They demand to be wet Or that s the thing about food It demands to be eaten Or that s the thing aboutVH SHUT UP, I get it There s no discussion with you How am I supposed to discuss with someone who s got the intellectual depth of an empty oyster Me But come on, I m not finished yet What about Augustus and his unlit cigarette They don t kill you unless you light them, he said And I ve never lit one It s a metaphor, see You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don t give it the power to do its killing Me Is this supposed to be smart This is pathetic It s terrible, it s not funny, and it s not deep VH hisses It s a metaphor Me I know It s a metaphor, I said, dubious It s a metaphor, he said You choose your behaviors based on their metaphorical resonances I said Oh, yes He smiled I m a big believer in metaphor, Hazel Grace Me Can you say metaphor again Say metaphor one time Go ahead, say it, I think John Green hasn t totally forced it down my throat yet hysterical yelling LET S SAY IT AGAIN Metaphor Everything is a METAPHOR VH What s your point, you freak Me My point is, the dialogues are horrible It made my eyes burn It s pretentious and unbelievable, AND besides, you can totally see that John Green loves the characters.VH What author doesn t like the characters of their own book Me It s not the same With John Green It s like he adores himself I bet you anything he re reads his own books Just to see exactly how awesome they are VH What You don t know that You cannot possibly say that How dare you talk about him like you know him.Me You know, in the audio version of The Fault in Our Stars, at the end, there s an interview with him And he explicitly says that he just LOVES listening to the audio versions of his books So there.VH What No You re wrong He doesn t mean, like, he loves it when someone reads him his own books That s not what he meant AT ALL It s a misunderstanding What he meant was, he loves listening to the the reading lady Because she has such a sweet voice and everything Me Are you kidding me He s in love with himself Augustus is just an hologram An empty shell Seriously, his monologues are laughable I couldn t even focus I kept thinking of John Green while reading Because Augustus is just SO witty, so smart, so perfect cough cough wish fulfillment hello.VH I am so not convinced.Me There s this whole repetition thing, too I cannot believe how all the characters of his books look alike How come it works every SINGLE time How many books are out there, now 4 5 More, surely It s always the SAME THING Geeky and nerdy narrator, geekier and nerdier sidekick, mysterious but unbelievable girl, random plot that doesn t even make sense, road trip Come the fuck on You know what The fact that people aren t getting tired of him and his stupid same characters is the real question.VH But this book is unique The way it deals with cancer and death It s so beautiful You cannot possibly say it isn t.Me That s what disturbed me the most Look What I want to say is, not every death is glorious Not every death is epic and not every death will glow like a star in the eternal twilight sky Most of the time, deaths are random, plain, and the world is cold and uncaring, and that s how it is And that s what s terrible You don t need to be a hero, you don t need to defy death the way Augustus pretends to, you don t need to lose yourself in unbelievable speeches to have people cry over your death The book is just TOO much VH You know, about them being unbelievable when they talk You seem to forget something Augustus and Hazel ARE different They re unique, so they talk different That s what it s all about.Me They re not different, they don t exist They can t exist Honestly I don t think this was a good tribute to the kids who are really sick Because no one talks like that, NO ONE, and I feel like now there s this messed up hierarchy between the sick kids who are sort of smart ass and those who aren t And I refuse that I can t accept that Being ironic, jaded, detached and all metaphorical over the disease is a luxury that genuinely sick teenagers cannot afford So fuck this And I d rather kneel before a kid who has cancer and who doesn t know what a metaphor is than shed a tear over one of Augustus s stupid monologues.VH You liar, I know you cried while you read the book You were a sobbing mess.Me I wasn t I was a sobbing mess at the end of Before I Die And oh my God, I couldn t even speak after I finished A Monster Calls because I was crying so hard Me and Earl and the Dying Girl had me in tears, too These are all gorgeous books that deal with cancer And I cried like a bitch every single time, and they broke my heart But this I didn t cry.VH You did, and you know it Especially at THIS special moment.Me looks away I don t know what you re talking about.VH You cried when Hazel asked her mom if she would still be a mom after her death.Me Fine, okay I cried I know Okay I know But look That s precisely the point That s what I call emotional blackmail Because I DARE YOU not to cry over that discussion Because it s a universal fear Whether you re a mom, or a daughter, or both, if you have a sister even, you must have thought about that already and told yourself Okay, if I die, or if she dies Who will I be If my sister dies and I m asked whether I have a sibling, what should I say Am I still a sister because she existed, once Or if you have a child, and then one day your baby dies What happens then Are you still a parent Are you still a parent because once, you used to be a parent, and because there s a room upstairs that used to be your child s I dare you to think about it and not end up crying I took it as a betrayal from John Green because I feel like he didn t play fair OF COURSE talking about a child s death in this peculiar way will make the reader cry But it s so easy It doesn t require any talent Just ask anyone to talk about that and they ll be tearing up in 5 seconds Do you understand what I m trying to say I feel like he was like, I m gonna make them cry and all the while I was reading I swear I could hear him ARE YOU SAD YET ARE YOU HEARTBROKEN YET DO YOU SEE HOW INCREDIBLY UPSETTING MY STORY IS I KNOW, RIGHT I AMAZE MYSELF SOMETIMES VH But Me No, look Writing like that, it s not incredible, it s not magical and it s not valuable It s playing with people s weaknesses It s manipulating people into crying And I can t respect him with that the way I respect people who manage to make me cry without using such poor plot devices Like in, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl There s a cancer book that really took me by surprise Because, Rachel, the sick girl, is everything but admirable She s young, a bit shallow, nice, shy, plain, normal, really And her neighbor who befriends her, he doesn t fall in love with her And her death won t be remembered like something that scarred humanity, because it didn t Ultimately, it didn t even matter at all And I could relate easily to that, to the meaningless dimension of her death, to the emptiness of it all, than I could ever relate to the ridiculous speeches of Augustus and Hazel s too, for that matter Because you know what bothered me, too They re indistinct VH That s because they re soul mates That s the whole point of the book They found themselves in each other.Me It doesn t work to say they re soul mates Look, I read the book almost a year ago, I think And this I m in love with you, and I m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things I m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we ll ever have, and I am in love with you Me This is beautiful, granted It s also unrealistic that a teenager would ever say that, let alone improvize it, but whatever, it s pretty But the thing is, I am completely unable to say whether it s Augustus or Hazel who says that I don t know I have no idea I try to recognize the style, but I can t tell, BECAUSE THEY TALK EXACTLY THE SAME.VH Me So yeah I didn t love the book, and I am not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things I didn t love the book, and I know this review might be just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we re all doomed to another John Green book about an unbelievable loser and his even loser sidekick loving an unbelievable teenage girl, and that there will come a day when maybe he will change his writing formula, and maybe that ll come when the sun will swallow the only earth we ll ever have, but then it ll be too late, so who cares I didn t love this book.VH suspiciously silent Me Are we done VH FINE Ugh Okay Waves white flag I surrender.Me Yes clicks save review hide spoiler Update 25 06 2014 Since I ve been receiving a lot of cyber bullies and hate messages, I m going to clarify few things Firstly, this is a negative review of the book and it has got a lot of potential to infuriate the fans If you think that your opinion is the only opinion that exists on earth and that no one should dislike your favourite book, then I would suggest you to avoid this review Secondly, This is my review and I have the freedom to analyse and criticise this book as I wish to without being told by others how I m supposed to criticise it I have the freedom to have my own thoughts and to express them in whatever way I want to and I don t appreciate fans shoving their opinions down my throats, I m not here to cater the needs of TFIOS fandom Thirdly, stop harassing me Why can t you get it through your thick skulls that everyone has different opinions, they re going to interpret books differently from you and stop being selfish to think that just because you loved a book that means the whole world should love it This world is full of people with differing opinions, differing thoughts and differing likes and differing dislikes, learn to respect them even if you don t agree with what they have to say about your favourite books Just because you love a particular book that I hate doesn t make you a good person and me a bad person, It simply shows that people like different things Every reader has the freedom to dissect and critically analyse any book and write their thoughts on it in their own review space without the fear of anyone or fans bossing them into writing what the fandom wants Critically analysing books and criticising problematic aspects of any reading material prevents people from being passive readers.Shakespeare and J.K Rowling too have their own share of critics then what makes Green s book flawless that it s not allowed to be criticised Honestly, this book is nowhere as good as the works of those two geniuses Stop thinking that criticising this book is sacrilegious Fourthly, stop cyber bullying and trolling me Your hate messages and death threats will show much of your personality than your love for this book Remember, every time you comment any bullshit here, you re giving your own fandom a bad name and my review popularity Also, your hate messages aren t going to put me down I m a strong girl and I m always going to stand up for what I believe in come hell or high water I don t fear anyone and no one can ever force me to follow their orders like a puppet especially not a fandom where most of the fans are immature cyber bullies who can t respect other s opinions Also, I ve caught fans making fake accounts to troll my review, this shows me that they are big cowards who hide their faces and send me spiteful comments Lastly, I m NOT shaming anyone for loving this book You can love whatever you want to and believe in whomever you want to I have no problem with people who genuinely love this book I have problems with those who think readers should not have the rights to express their dislike for any book, I have problems with those who approve of and participate in cyber bullying reviewers who write negative reviews on their favourite books, I have problems with those who refuse to acknowledge the fact that their favourite books can have flaws and not everyone s going to love them, I have problems with those who come here to shove their opinions down my throat Do you find anyone who hated this book shoving their opinions in comments of positive reviews Then what makes you think that you have the rights to troll negative reviews Alright, now let s begin with the review WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD Disclaimer I ll repeat once , if you cannot handle differing opinions or reviewers criticising your favourite book, please leave immediately EXPECTATION REALITY I ve re written this review because my previous one contained my angry rant and most of my points were incoherent.So I happily bought the hardcover of The Fault in our stars back in December 2012 after seeing the high average GR ratings and raving reviews saying how beautiful, life changing, thought provoking and blah blah it is Surprisingly, this book was so special that it became the first book that I slammed on the wall twice after reading it It didn t only disappoint me but also angered me I m surprised to find that harsh critics are swallowing up this trash and calling it a masterpiece Ugh I m going to make a list of everything I hate about this book that earned it the topmost place on my list of Worst books ever The characters Hazel and Augustus are the flattest cardboard cut outs I have ever seen in any book Both of them were like 60 years old stuck in some teenager s bodies making them very boring and unlikeable Hazel was such an annoying, stupid and pretentious Mary Sue that I wanted to punch her right in the face One great example of her stupidity Why are breakfast foods breakfast foodsLike, why don t we have curry for breakfast A nonhot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault.But a hot boy well Augustus and Hazel have the same boring, pretentious, know it all and indistinguishable personality Hazel is the female version of Augustus no, I m not going to call him affectionately with Gus and he is the male version of Hazel These two characters meld together and have no depth at all I couldn t connect with them, I felt no pain and sympathy for them and they annoyed me so much that I wanted to stab them Romance It fell from the sky Seriously, I don t get what s so beautiful about the relationship between them They both fall in love within seconds just after laying eyes on each other love at first sight The romance is undeveloped and it comes from nowhere I was baffled when Hazel accepted to go to Augustus s house just minutes after meeting him WHAT THE HELL How stupid can you be You fall for a guy s words whom you met just few minutes ago and agree to go to his house What if he were a murderer or rapist Not to mention that the kissing scene in Anne Frank s house was so effing disgusting Anne Frank s house is considered to be a place of remembrance, a place where 2 families hid during the dark days of Holocaust If anyone makes out at such a revered site, they would be kicked out regardless of who or what they are People present around will be disgusted, they won t stand and watch much less clap for the lovely couple Writing Cheesy Emotionless Ambiguous Brain cell burning Want to hear some favourite quotes of mine Here they are My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations Why compare your thoughts to stars and constellations sighs Some infinities are bigger than other infinities That s the thing about pain It demands to be felt Yeah, that s the thing about chocolate, it demands to be eaten I believe the universe wants to be noticed I think the universe is improbably biased toward the consciousness, that it rewards intelligence in part because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed And who am I, living in the middle of history, to tell the universe that it or my observation of it is temporary Umm.What I m in love with you, and I m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things I m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we ll ever have, and I am in love with you view spoiler hide spoiler I HATE this book Absolutely hate it Not just from the bottom of my heart which would literally mean my ventricles, and so, no but with my whole heart I hate it, hate it, hate it.I hate the fact that it made me laugh, so hard I hate the fact that it made me smile, so much I hate the fact that it made me chuckle, so profusely I hate the fact that it gifted me with so much Laughter, Smiles and Chuckles when I was expecting to come face to face with tragedy at any moment.it changed my expectations, made me believe in Something which did not happenor maybe did happen.I hate the fact that while Hazel Grace fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly, and then all at once , I just fell no warning, no time to process the myriad emotions coursing through me, nope, nothing, just a huge endless void filled fall and then a sudden crash that took my breath away, like literallyI hate the fact that I fell in love with this bound to end in oblivion, bound to end in disaster boy who stared with blue blue eyes and put the killing thing right between his teeth, but never gave it the power to do its killing Putting a cigarette right between your teeth and never lighting it, yes, that s Augustus Waters for you, people, a guy huge on metaphors and symbolismthat hopeless boy.I hate the fact that when I least expected it, the story, the words just grabbed me and pulled me in so deep that even the thought of ever resurfacing never entered my mind.I hate that the fact that right in the middle of my dance in the rain of laughter, dry wit, and humour without any warning, without any lightning as it s precedent, this thunder would stun me, startle me, wipe the smile right off my face, and sober me up, wake me up from the intoxication of the very real yet false jocularity spun by them, a humour which was nothing but human tragedy waiting to happen and had already happened in disguise and then push me back into that rain to dance again.I hate the fact that I m not making my much sense right now.that right now my thoughts are stars I can t fathom into constellations And yes, all the hate above is a metaphor, a symbolic word for love weird, right But right now I can t bring myself to say that I love this book.I don t, I don t, I don t yes, I do, I do, I do So, deep breath , it s a story of a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, a girl diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 13 who s still alive at 16 thanks to a miracle drug which didn t work it s miracle in about 70% of the people but it did work in her So, even though her lungs suck at being lungs, she s still alive and well not kicking, but breathing, with difficulty because remember her lungs suck at being lungs , but breathing nonetheless She s been nothing but a terminal case ever since her diagnosis The doctors are simply finding ways of keeping her alive rather than removing the cancer ridden lungs and replacing it with a new one, because let s face it, her chances of surviving such an operation are like next to nothing and why waste a good pair of lungs on a given, bound to fail body So, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis.Enter Augustus Waters He s 17, gorgeous, in remission, and very frankly and much to her surprise interested in her It s a match made in Cancer Kid Support Group, in the Literal Heart of Jesus you ll know what that means when you read the bookyou ll laugh, trust me, you will He is a tenured professor in the Department of Slightly Crooked Smiles with a dual appointment in the Department of Having a Voice That Made My Skin Feel More Like Skin He s the unexpected, hot, gorgeous twist in her storya story which is about to be completely rewrittenTheir story begins with a staring contesthe stares at herSo she stares backbecause let s face it Spoiler Alert She wins And it progresses into something brilliant, something as bright as the stars, into Something with a capital S.I hate this book This needs indefinite repetitions, I hate it.I hate the fact that I fell in love with their always Okay I hate the fact that Hazel Grace took the words right out of my mouth when she said what she said about being a vegetarian I want to minimise the number of deaths I am responsible for, and about not knowing what s cool I take a lot of pride in not knowing what s cool I hate the fact that I fell in love with this blue eyed boy who drove horrifically and his cheesy and yet very endearing attempts to be Prince Charming but so with himthe surprised, excited and innocent side of him May I see you again he asked There was an endearing nervousness in his voice.I smiled Sure Tomorrow he asked Patience, grasshopper, I counseled You don t want to seem overeager Right, that s why I said tomorrow, he said I want to see you again tonight But I m willing to wait all night and much of tomorrow I hate the fact that Hazel Grace felt like a grenade and all she wanted to do was minimise the casualities when not if but when she blew upI hate the fact that I felt sorry for a lonely swing seta Desperately Lonely Swing Set Which Needed a Loving Homeor maybe it was simply a Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Which Sought the Butts of Childrenand the fact that I absolutely love this sentence.The Lonely Swing Setor maybe Just Vaguely PedophilicAnd even though I fell in love the way you fall from a cliff or a building, don t really know how that feels..since I ve never done that..I hate the way she fell in loveI hate this kiss.because for who so firm that cannot be seduced And then we were kissing My hand let go of the oxygen cart and I reached up for his neck, and he pulled me up by my waist onto my tiptoes As his parted lips met mine, I started to feel breathless in a new and fascinating way The space around us evaporated, and for a weird moment I really liked my body this cancer ruined thing I d spent years dragging around suddenly seemed worth the struggle, worth the chest tubes and the PICC lines and the ceaseless bodily betrayal of the tumors I hate the love letter she wrote him Spoiler Alert It s a Venn diagram love letter I hate the fact that she did not agree with Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs in which Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, claimed that certain needs must be met before you can even have other kinds of needs Something like thisUnless and until your needs of the previous level have been fulfilled, you don t even think about the needs of the next level Of course, like all psychological theories this one too cannot be generalized or accepted universally Because if there is one law in psychology then it is that there is no law in psychology, there is no given universal laws for human behaviour or thoughts or anything Every theory has it s use and flaws, applicable to some while not applicable to others And this one is not applicable in this situation Nope, not at all I hate the words, the word play in this book a quantum entanglement of tubes and bodies.triumphantly digitized contemporaneity I hate the fact that it made me laugh so much, smile a lot, fall in love so hard only to exact revenge later on for giving in to the false security of humour and love by making me cry.oh god, cry so much.so much Because that s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt I get ittotally get itI hate the fact that I ever read this sentence I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace I hate it, I really hate it forget metaphorical resonances, forget symbolism, I actually hate it.I hate the fact that it made me cry so much that the lovers of god knows which century entwined on my pillowcase were drenched in the torrent of my tears and were probably ruing the fact that there was no umbrella during their time.I hate the fact that I stayed up whole night reading this book, half of the night crying, and even after finishing it I couldn t go to sleep, so the rest of the dawn just pacing in my room with all these haphazard, desultory stars jumping around in my mind finding absolutely no avenue to become constellations..and my eyes puffy Note to self Do not stay up all night or add crying to it if you do to avoid puffy eyes Why do I do this to myself And I absolutely hate thisI hate that this story is stunningly overwhelming, insightful, irreverent, raw and devastatingand to quote Markus Zusak, it s the kind of story reading which You laugh, you cry and then you come back for Some infinities are bigger than other infinities I m grateful for having known this little infinitygrateful for this epic love story of two star crossed lovers image error