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@Read Epub Í The First Five ⚣ Rollins, a singer for the hardcore punk group Black Flag in the s, has emerged as a s post punk renaissance man and a prolific writer This voluminous collection of Rollins first five books shows the evolution of a man grinding his way through the challenges of the independent music circuit Includes High Adventure in the Great Outdoors, Bang , Art to Choke Hearts, Pissing In The Gene Pool and One From None Hit or miss collection of writings There are some diamonds in the rough but there is a great deal of rough. It s tough Henry Rollins is one of the people I admire the most but these writings are from a time before he had mellowed out and the writing is plagued by conventions adopted by most all disenfranchised young people. For maximum enjoyment, read the whole book in Henry s yelling voice. Real Gritty Awesome.