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3.5 starsI m always up for a book that revolves around some long standing family drama This story held my interest but I wouldn t say that I loved any of the characters That s okay though because that s not really a requirement for me to enjoy a book I do wish that lack of communication which was an ongoing theme wouldn t have been so prevalent in the story I think that s part of the reason I became frustrated with just about every character in the book.Ann Gordon is back at the Cape Cod home she spent her summers at while she was growing up Her parents have recently died and she has been tasked with selling their summer home as neither she nor her sister, Poppy, can afford to keep it Her adopted brother, Michael, hasn t been in contact with the family in years and when he tries to claim he has rights to the home, it doesn t go over well with Ann You see something pretty major happened about 15 years ago when they were teenagers that caused a huge rift in the family It s not a cliche to say things were never the same after that particular summer on the Cape The story follows Ann, Poppy, and Michael during that fateful summer and the present day when they are reunited Hmm family members that aren t on good terms and now you throw in a disagreement about a house Yes, there is going to be some drama in this story, that s for sure For much of the book I thought Poppy was an unnecessary character to include but by the end I did think she brought something to the table As I mentioned before it was easy to feel frustration when some characters make certain decisions It s like I wanted to reach thru the pages, grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and yell, what are you doing However, despite my varying levels of annoyance with some of the characters, I still felt invested enough to want to see how everything would play out in the end There are two random things I really loved that the author included in the story I was happy to see a couple Polish references, and my guess is if she can name drop Polish Falcons, she must have some Polish blood in her like I do The other thing I liked was at the end of Part One there was a good joke about the parents I gotta tell you it was 100% necessary as it really had been driving me nuts how naive and oblivious the parents were when it came to the kids The joke at least acknowledged this fact which helped ease my frustration.There were a few times the author kinda glossed over something I thought could have been covered thoroughly While I liked the story, it could have used some polishing up a bit in order to really take it to a higher level I still consider it a good read though If you are interested in reading this one, be prepared, there are some dark moments in the story If you are strictly looking for a lighthearted read, I would look elsewhere Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review (((FREE PDF))) ↶ The Second Home ⇻ A Debut Novel Set On Cape Cod That Centers On A Beloved Family Home And The Summer That Changed The Lives Of Three Siblings Forever, Perfect For Readers Of J Courtney Sullivan And Elin HilderbrandAfter A Disastrous Summer Spent At Her Family S Summer Home On Cape Cod, Seventeen Year Old Ann Gordon Is Left Harboring A Secret That Changes Her Life Forever, And Creates A Rift Between Her Sister, Poppy, And Their Adopted Brother, MichaelNow, Fifteen Years Later, Her Parents Have Died, And Ann And Her Sister Poppy Are Left To Decide The Fate Of The Old Wellfleet Home That S Been In The Gordon Family For Generations While They Both Love The House, They Decide To Sell It And Move Forward But Then Michael Re Enters Their Lives With A Legitimate Claim To A Third Of The Estate He Wants The House But Than That, He Wants To Set The Record Straight About That Long Ago Summer Reunited After Years Apart, These Very Different Siblings Are Forced To Decide If They Can Continue To Be A Family And In The Process, They Ll Discover That The House Might Be The Glue That Holds Them Together Wahooo Goodreads Giveaway winner Initially I had a hard time engaging with this debut novel, but at around 30% or so things started to click for me when the pace kicked up The story is set between 1999 and 2015 with a 2017 epilogue and takes place primarily on Cape Cod I thought the author did a great job transporting the reader to the Cape There are three narrators Ann and Poppy and their adopted brother Michael I would call this a darkish family drama, a genre I have recently discovered I enjoy Relationships can be messy and this family has messiness in spades There is love, certainly But there is also resentment, disrespect, mistrust, alternative facts, and worst of all lack of communication I don t know if there are really families out there who despite loving each other fail to trust in one another despite the fact that the mistrusted hasn t really done anything to deserve to be doubted In fact, I think that was carried a bit too far in this story, which in addition to the slow start, led me to drop a star.Other than that, I found this richly complex mini saga engrossing and enjoyable True, one of the narrators is not terribly likeable, which is usually a deal buster for me, but somehow that didn t really turn me off this time I think the reason for that is because she has to be that way to make the story work In any event, I liked this one enough to hit the follow button for Ms Clancy, and I will very likely seek out her next book The Second Home is recommended for those who enjoy blacker family dramas Thank you Net Galley, St Martin s Press, and Ms Christina Clancy for gifting me an ARC of this novel Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. 3.5 starsThe Second Home was a great debut novel From the plot, and execution, to the writing this book did not read or feel like a debut novel at all.For the biggest part the story focused on the Gordon family, the parents, two girls and their adopted son, and it mainly was set around their vacation home in Cape Cod.What I loved about the book the most was everyone s love for their summers in Cape Cod With different memories connected to those summers and especially the house that held a kind of magic over them all It always came back to the house The feel of belonging Of family It was a time where everyone was the happiest.At its core, this book was a family drama The dynamics, underlying hopes, dreams and doubts And the one event that changed it all.For me, I enjoyed all of the Gordon family characters, they were relatable, likable, different in their dreams, and personality And when that one event ripped them all apart, coming back together was harder than thought Missed opportunities, and wrong decisions, were partially to blame.In the end it all felt very authentic Something that could happen to any family And because of it, it felt utterly real, heartbreaking, and emotional.The ending wasn t as satisfying as the beginning I needed , a longer conclusion, something to restore them all It felt rushed, not finished, and the characters barely had time to heal I needed than just implications.But overall, I really enjoyed the prose, and the author s writing style I had no trouble staying up until midnight finishing this book Two days, that s all it took me to read this compelling and emotional debut novel Not bad for a giveaway win Goodreads Giveaway ARC This was an OK novel, but I felt it could have been stronger The premise is that Ann manages to track down her estranged sister, Poppy, after their parents die in a car accident Poppy returns to the Milwaukee, WI, home, where they grew up Ann is going to sell their house on the Cape, where they spent every summer One thing Ann conveniently leaves out of documents is that their parents adopted Michael when he was sixteen Naturally, the siblings, who haven t spoken in years, have to come together to determine what to do with the property Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel, which RELEASES JUNE 2, 2020. 3.75 Cape Cod StarsThe setting alone was cause for me to pick this book up I ve always been fascinated by Cape Cod and have enjoyed the limited amount of time that I ve spent there This debut novel focuses on one Midwest family who spends summers in an old house on the Cape Events in one particular summer cause the family to splinter and years go by before anything is worked out.Ann and her sister Poppy were close growing up, but Poppy learns to surf that fateful summer and later travels the world looking for the next big wave and her identity Ann puts her plans to go to college on hold and their adopted brother Michael has disappeared.Fifteen years later with the death of their parents, Ann, Poppy, and Michael must resolve the future of the Cape Cod second home and try to reconcile their fractured relationships Will the secrets stay buried or has time healed some of the wounds I enjoyed this one and I think this author holds a lot of promise There were a few times where I yelled at the characters to talk to each other There were a few times when I had to suspend belief around legal matters, but it s fiction, right This would make for a great summer read.Thank you to NetGalley, Christina Clancy, and St Martin s Press for an early copy of this one to read and review This one is out on 6.2.2020 just in time for a beach read. I enjoyed this book very much but last chapters of the book was kind of felt rushed But still it was quite an emotional story 3 ARC provided by NetGalley. I won this book on a Goodreads first reads giveaway Friendly warning in advance that this review contains spoilers You re probably asking yourself why I gave this such a low rating currently with 21 reviews, 37 ratings, and a cool 4.86 starsI m the first and only person, so far, to rate this below 3 stars There are two reasons for that Consistency and Ann.Nothing in this story was consistent, from the characters personalities to the plotit sometimes became a tangled web of doubling back on itself, revealing key things as an afterthought which added to the confusion , and critical scenes that were downplayed, put on as an afterthought, or felt rushed and flat.I know, it s confusing but I ll clarify if you manage to stick with me Justplease keep in mind there s spoilers ahead from here on out I m going to try to keep this brief, who wants to read a novel about a novel So I m only going to touch on things that seemed like major flaws to me and ignore the tiny flaws and plot holes.This entire plot was way too convenient and frankly didn t make much sense at all in the grand scheme of things When Michael s mother died, how did he escape Social Services The hospital would have reported to the state he was an orphan and they would have alerted the school and been hunting for him He s underaged and has no income, but he magically slipped through the cracks and managed to seemingly survive by eating air.Hospitals and teachers are, by law, mandatory reporters They are legally obligated to report Michael was an orphan and had no family or of any suspicions of abuse So I was already skeptical of the plot from basically the first page Then there was the whole thing about the will Somehow Ann managed to name herself executor of the estate, with two legal siblings and no will, without submitting written permission from either sibling that they were giving her permission to do so It seriously isn t that easy and once it was uncovered she would have been in some serious hot water legally I never read where anyone said Michael was the baby daddy Ann never said it Michael never said it But somehow everyone was saying that Ann said he was Did I miss where she actually said it As far as I read she never said anything.Same thing happened with Ed and Connie died, somehow Michael who lived in a very small town never found out, yet the real estate agent found out from the librarian No one felt compelled to tell him Okay I realize teenagers are stupid but you can t convince me they re this stupid Ann and Michael both knew that Tony was a manipulative POS who takes advantage of peopleyet they believed every single word he said Even fifteen years later they believed and never question him And I justHe was literally blackmailing them and they were justso stupid they never questioned a single thing he said or his own motivation.God I m getting a headache just thinking about it It literally takes the entire book for them to even begin to realize that Hey, maybe that manipulative jerk was manipulating us Good God Then there s this weird thing where the plot wasn t consistent Ann constantly references an incident with Tony her rapist involving a lot of blood and trauma but it s never revealed exactly what happened.Then without warning, after many references to this vague incident and the plot is moving forward in time, Ann randomly decides for some unknown reason to stop in at her rapists house after a decade of avoiding him, looking over her shoulder for him, and sweating about him swooping in and stealing her kid that was the product of his attack.The whole meeting unravels in the most unrealistic and flat way possible Seriously, it was so flat and rushed I thought the first draft had accidentally been left in I got an advance readers copy The characters completely under react and then, poof, nothing is mentioned about it ever again.So we re told something happened before it happened and then it happened Or the book went back in time with no warning or indication was going back in time So that was super confusing.To make it all better, as I said nothing else is said about what happened afterward until Ann conveniently needs money and, oh yeah, turns out she s now BFFs with the widow of said rapist In fact they ve been living together ever since the incident and she just so happens to have the money Ann needs.Which brings me around to the biggest problem in this entire book Ann.Forgive me to anyone of a old fashioned constitution but there s no other way to describe her except to bluntly say she is a complete bitch.She lies to the government Lies to her sister Lies to the real estate agent Lies to her son.All so she can line her own pockets with money and scorn screw her adopted brother The same brother she screwed over by lying some where along the way about him being the baby daddy Somehow her rapist convinced her that her adopted brother and friend for years was a bad guy who was lying to her and he, the rapist who threatened her legally, was the good guy who telling the truthJustthere aren t enough Piccard face palm memes on the internet for thisThen when a legal will is found and it isn t what she wants to see she freaking burns it and tries to order her sister not to say anything.Are you freaking serious How is she not in jail Then this witch has the gall to try to contest the will so everything will be left to her.The relationship that blossomed between Michael and Ann at the end was outrageously unrealistic She acted like a complete and total monster, screwed up Michael s entire life, tried to screw Michael s daughter, yet Michael gets horny sniffing her bras and wants her and they somehow magically come together at the end You re crazy if you think I ll just sigh about how romantic it all is and how they deserved each other.Only thing Ann deserves is to see the world from behind the bars of a jail cell. This is a hauntingly beautiful book Told through multiple points of view, the characters are flawed and human, the family dynamic unusual and compelling, and the plot is riveting The writing style reminds of me Joan Dideon or Jean Thompson An amazing debut.