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[[ Free E-pub ]] ☠ The Third Room ☔ Eve head a cough and the floorboards creaking directly above her head Then there was silenceShe would starve down here, too terrified to leave and then too weak to leave even if she wanted to They would find her decomposed body and think she had been the victim of some terrible, ancient curse She would be doomed to walk in ghostly circles around the third room for all eternityEver since her mother died, Eve has lived a lonely existence with her father and her conceited, aspiring model sisterA few streets away is Marcham House, a mysterious, deserted Victorian mansion with an overgrown garden One day Eve enters the mansion and, kicking aside a dirty aside a dirty piece of carpet, discovers a trapdoor set into the floor Thus begins a mysterious and enchanting adventure beautifully written, yearning and poetic