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This was an funny and well written book It may not be great literature, but I really enjoyed it It was a fun, fast read. I know romance in books is normally beyond believing, but the romance in this book was beyond believing and I almost quit reading it I did like the story of Macy s life and if that had been the only storyline my rating would have been higher. I m not sure what possessed me to pick this one up I despise romance but I was pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed the way it was written, witty and clever at some points, cynical and desperate at others Macy, the main character, was pretty dynamic and I liked her despite everything else.The actual romance was pretty boring and really cliche, but the relationship between Macy and her best friend s family, as well as her own family, was interesting enough to overshadow the dullness. The characters are great I want to explore the friendship with Macy and Trish. Very much enjoyed reading this the second time around I have mixed feelings about this book I liked the characters damaged and comforting and the fast pace of the story line However, I found that the back and forth to the family background was irrelevant and the falling in love phase was WAY too short I mean, come on (FREE) ⚡ They Say She Tastes Like Honey: A Novel Ú Ohio was hardly ready for its prized Piqua Peach Queen to come bopping out of the closet, so in her early s Macy Delongchamp moved to Greenwich Village and started her own successful travel agency But Macy is now in her early s or late s, depending on whom she s talking to and finds herself adrift in her own seemingly charmed life First, there are the nightmares, then the nagging cough, and finally, after yet another night of tequila swigging, she trips down a flight of stairs and finds herself hobbling the streets of Manhattan with the aid of a cane fashioned from a petrified bull penis That actually comes in handy, though, because there is nothing like a petrified bull penis to beat off a mugger, which is how she ends up using it when she comes to the aid of young, badly dressed belle on roller skates named Sarah and falls in love with her But is Macy ready to embrace the kind of life she has spent years avoiding and making fun of Before she has time to find out, the death of her father, Wild Bill Delongchamp, pulls her back to Ohio, where the events and people of her past run headlong into the new Macy of good times, uncommitted relationships, and globe trotting adventures In bawdy, hilarious style we follow Macy through one self induced misadventure after another on her path to realizing that she has been running from herself and home has always been waitingMichelle Sawyer was born and continues to live in Jackson, Mich This is her first novel