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When I picked up this book I did it as a new fan of Michael Robotham and did not realise that this was the second book in a series I am guessing that I would have got a lot out of this if I had read Good Girl, Bad Girl but it still didn t stop me being totally engrossed.Evie is a patient of Cyrus a forensic psychologist, both have had tragic lives and seem to understand each other Evie is in protective care but does not do much to help her own cause To be fair she is poorly equipped in trust having been subjected to horrific abuse in her younger years.I am now intrigued to go back and read the first book but feel that this second book may have contained a lot of spoilers for it While I am sure it is an amazing series, there is nothing to stop someone picking up this book and reading it as a stand alone.HIghly recommended, thank you Hachette Australia and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. In the second of this dynamite series, forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven learns about Evie Cormac s dark and shocking past Her story reveals a dangerous and powerful network who will stop at nothing to silence Angel Face Evie should be safe as she s back at Langford Hall, a secure unit but her enemies prove to have a very long reach The story is told in alternating storylines by Cyrus and Evie First of all, I love the character development of Cyrus and Evie Cyrus really cares about Evie and wants to protect her as best he can He understands her as he too has a shocking past that s has led him to suffer, although in a different way to Evie but he means he empathises He is probably the only person Evie really trusts Evie is brave, quick thinking and incredibly resourceful which she has learned the hard way Animals love her and they are very good judges of a persons character The other characters are good too especially Detective Lenny Pavel and Badger Although there is a great deal to praise in the book one of the standout features is the realistic portrayal of the characters In this book we learn about Evie s past as she recalls her suffering and the darkest of dark black stories emerges and you learn her tragic and heartbreaking history Her enemies are dangerous and depraved human low life who seem to have eyes everywhere Interspersed with all the darkness are some touching moments when you realise that she does have protectors and people who really care about her The novel is very well written and is every bit as good as the amazing Good girl, Bad girl of last year At times it s scary and tense, there are moments when my jaw hits the deck with a resounding thunk and at others it s deeply sad The plot is excellent with good pacing and builds well on the first book although this can easily be read as a stand alone Overall, this is very clever storytelling as the truth emerges slowly but surely and keeps your attention in a vice like grip As a reader I feel invested in these characters and will happily read a third instalment as I want to see what happens next More please Mr Robotham, thank you With big thanks to NetGalley and especially to Little, Brown Group for the ARC Yes, another mind blowing, heart throbbing, gripping Cyrus Haven and Evie story is finally out to keep you on your toes I m so happy, dear Michael Robotham didn t wait us too long after introduced one of the mysterious, brilliant character Evie with dark and hidden past After the first book s ending , I wanted to know about her story and my prayer came true because at the second book, Cyrus teams up with Sasha who has found Evie when she was kid raped, tortured, hidden in a closet and a nurse named her angel face at the hospital After a police officer s suspicious suicide, Cyrus finds out the very same officer investigate the case of child pedophile recently died in the prison and he thought it may be wrong conviction There are still missing children connected to the pedophile s kidnapping cases When Cyrus searches for the names of those kids, angel face s name appears at the death police officer s notes which forces him to dig deeper Now he is conducting his own secret investigation with Sasha to search about the dark history about Evie starting by finding her real name because there is cold blue eyed man with a scar on his face acting like a police officer and searching for Evie in everywhere In the meantime, Evie is still at the hospital, waiting for 18th birthday s coming actually she s already 18 but she doesn t share this information with anyone And with the flashback, we start to learn about her childhood times which are the darkest, most shocking parts of the book because there are so many heart wrenchingly disturbing issues including sex trafficking, child prostitution and child porn Those parts give us the answer about brutally killed Terry who has found at the same house with Evie where she has been hiding Was he her survivor or was he the responsible of all those tortures and nightmares she has endured Finally we learned everything and found all those missing pieces of puzzle about the back story of her including real name and of course we found out the person who was responsible from it And it was complicated and terrifying than we imagine because a real powerful and a big organization behind all these mess Are Cyrus and Evie powerful and determined enough to stop them before losing their own lives You gotta read and find out.Overall I wished I could see Evie in action because she is human lie detector and her unique talent helped the detectives to solve unique mysteries But the author decides to explain all the missing pieces of her story to help us understand where she comes from and from now on where she goes so this book is all about her personal history which I gave me hard times to read I ached for her and the things she endured truly caused a big lump on my throat and big whole in my heart It was tragic, devastating and extremely traumatic So many times I took several breaks during my reading to digest what I read.But good part is I think on the upcoming series we re gonna see Evie and Cyrus healing processes about their pasts and teaming up to solve other cases together I m giving 4.5 stars and rounding them up to 5 from the beginning I enjoyed to read this series and I cannot wait to read books of brilliant author I literally devoured this at one sit and even it gave me nightmares it was definitely worth it Special thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for sharing this incredible Arc copy with me in exchange my honest review. This was so good I really recommend making sure to read book 1 Good Girl, Bad Girl first though otherwise you will miss out on so much.When She Was Good follows the story of Evie as she grows up in a supposedly secure children s home Cyrus is still visiting her but no progress has been made in finding out about her background Events start to occur which eventually reach crisis point as Evie remembers and about the past and the people in it.As the tension started to build I had to put the book down for a minute and take few deep breaths The best bit is right at the end I seriously thought it was already finished when at 99% I was reading on my Kindle an amazing scene took place It rounded things off just perfectly A really excellent book Thanks to Hatchette Australia and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. Thank You to NetGalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for this ARC I haven t read the first Cyrus Haven book and I totally regret it No no it does not affect this book in any way but just because this book is so good and Cyrus is absolutely amazing.Six years ago, Evie Cormac, aka Angel Face, was found hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a brutal murder But nobody has ever discovered her real name or where she came from, because everybody who tries ends up dead.Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven believes the truth will set Evie free Ignoring her warnings, he begins to dig into her past, only to disturb a hornet s nest of corrupt and powerful people, who have been waiting to find Evie and kill her.This book deals with a very sensitive and important topic of child abuse and child sex trafficking I love the way the author has dealt with the topic delicate but not over sensationalizing it The chemistry between the main characters Cyrus and Evie is so delightful to read that it makes you fall in love and care for both of them I liked Evie s unique talent, as a human lie detector, but also glad as this helps to keep her safe.This book was fast paced and it keeps you hooked on right till the end I loved the ending because it was so unexpected and satisfying I am eagerly looking forward to books Overall reading this book was an absolute delight Highly Recommended. It s a Deaux I was elated to receive this advance electronic reader s copy from Edelweiss I ve been anticipating the continuation of Evie s and Cyrus s story since the first in the series, Good Girl Bad Girl got under my skin.The narrative resumes in When She Was Good with a brief recap as Cyrus meets the mysterious woman discovering Angel Face aka Evie as a wild child It fits in seamlessly and then we re off to the races.Answers to Evie s past and a conspiracy theory encompass players from a murdered detective, to ex convicts, to those of higher nobility and many in between How do they all connect Pay attention because some of the seemingly mundane clues are significant Not many red herrings, it s just figuring out how the puzzle fits together So much fun I didn t want the book to end Thank you to Edelweiss, Michael Robotham and Simon and Schuster for my copy in exchange for an honest review. This is the 2nd book in the Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac series by author Michael Robotham I am a big fan of this author and really enjoy the Joe O Loughlin series and this new series looks to be to the same high standard.Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven is involved in a new murder case which he believes will set the troubled Evie free Evie has a troubled past and six years ago she was found hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a brutal murder But nobody has ever discovered her real name or where she came from, because everybody who tries ends up dead The duo have a very complex relationship and it is not helped by Evie s reluctance to trust anyone Evie has an interesting ability to know when someone is lying which can help in cases but I feel is slightly underplayed so far in this series.I would recommend reading the 1st book in the series to fully appreciate the back story as this book really deals with Evie s dark past This series is another winner for me and I really do look forward to Michael Robotham s books coming out.I would like to thank both Net Galley and Little Brown Book Group for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 4 Stars This page turning, sensitive and haunting thriller will have you completely immersed until you ve read the last page.I have not yet read the previous book Good Girl, Bad Girl 1 in this series and reading When She Was Good 2 didn t deter my enjoyment of this book whatsoever, it is easily read as a standalone.Criminal forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven is conducting an investigation and teams up with Sasha who was the police officer who found Evie Cormac aka Angel face when she was a feral child, seven years old, kidnapped, raped and tortured and hiding in a small secret room space built behind a closet Sasha would like to meet up with Evie again, it s been a decade.His investigations into the suicide of retired Detective Superintendent Hamish Whit lead him to a child sex trafficking ring and Evie s dark past which triggers an explosive warning that he is on to something and puts Evie s life in danger.Evie is now living in a secure children s home and impatient to be released once she turns eighteen, which isn t far away She has a special bond with Cyrus and looks forward to his visits Nobody ever claimed Evie and they don t know where she came from, Evie keeps everything locked up inside herself Evie s back story is heartbreaking, I loved the dynamics of this duo who are fascinating characters, an excellent crime read I wish to thank Netgalley Hachette for providing me with an advanced copy in return for an honest review I might not be earmarking Michael Robotham s latest addition to the Cyrus Haven series as a favorite, but readers who enjoyed Good Girl, Bad Girl might From what I surmised from the synopsis of the previous book and the limited backstory of the characters given within these pages, When She Was Good is a tried and true continuation of Good Girl, Bad Girl Which I would have been completely fine with, had I not overlooked that fact or actually read book one An oversight I take full credit for And while I m not trying to deter anyone from diving in to this book, without having read its predecessor, I personally felt like I missed out on the full experience Sure, this story is decent enough on its own but being privy to some of the relationship dynamics established in book one probably would have lent itself to a stronger investment on my part.Robotham tells this story through two distinct voices forensic psychologist, Cyrus Haven, and seventeen year old, Evie Cormac Cyrus, one of only a few, knows Evie is the infamous Angel Face, a young girl thought to have been held captive by a pedophile in a hidden room The constructs of Cyrus and Evie s relationship are a bit blurred at times He feels a connection to the young girl, for reasons I can only assume track back to their kindred orphanhood Yet, Evie waffles between jealousy and misguided dreams of her relationship with Cyrus.When a retired detective is found dead in his car from a staged suicide, the lead investigator brings Cyrus in to assess the scene A little digging connects one of the dead cop s most prolific cases and Angel Face, sparking Cyrus to start a quasi investigation His driving force, uncovering how Evie came to be Angel Face.Considering Cyrus is a forensic psychologist, it s odd that he carries on for much of the book as the lead investigator Working by his side to decipher how the pieces of the murder, Evie s past, and the pedophilia ring fit together isn t glaringly obvious, but it also doesn t take a lot of foresight.While I won t say this book was something I found noteworthy or that I m now inclined to go back and read book one, it was entertaining enough And the author s approach of skirting the periphery and allowing readers a reprieve from the wretched details was much appreciatedThanks to Scribner for the advanced copy. ^Download Ebook ✒ When She Was Good (Cyrus Haven, #2) ⇰ From The Bestselling Author Of The Secrets She Keeps And Good Girl, Bad Girl Comes A New Thriller Featuring The Brilliant Forensic Psychologist Cyrus Haven As He Becomes Embroiled In An Explosive Murder Case With Disturbing OriginsCriminal Psychologist Cyrus Haven And Evie Cormac Return In This Mesmerizing New Thriller From Internationally Bestselling Author Michael Robotham, A Writer Stephen King Calls An Absolute Masterwith Heart And Soul Who Is Evie, The Girl With No Past, Running From She Was Discovered Hiding In A Secret Room In The Aftermath Of A Terrible Crime Her Ability To Tell When Someone Is Lying Helped Cyrus Crack An Impenetrable Case In Good Girl, Bad Girl Now, The Closer Cyrus Gets To Uncovering Answers About Evie S Dark History, The He Exposes Evie To Danger, Giving Her No Choice But To Run Ultimately, Both Will Have To Decide If Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried And Some Monsters Should Never Be Named