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^Read Book ☔ Your Safety And Security In Rio de Janeiro ⇺ This book, Your Safety And Security in Rio De Janeiro, is your perfect guide towards experiencing a memorably safe and secure travel and stay in the Brazilian famous and most visited city of Rio de JaneiroFirst, it welcomes you with a brief history of Rio, the land of Cariocas, then take you through passport and visa necessities together with how to request for an extension of duration of stay Afterwards, you are taken through communication network with practical examples on how to make a phone call from Rio to anywhere in the world, together with learning some simple yet vital common phrases words in Portuguese which will help you bond with the locals easily And it doesn t stop there Other valuables detailed herein include What to do in case you get lost in Rio de JaneiroThe necessary emergency numbers in Rio The four most notorious cheats scams in RioTwelve best proven ways to guarantee your safety and security in RioHow best you can stay safe from Zika virus in RioThings you need to know about samba and carnival celebrationsTen memorable places to consider visiting in Rio de Janeiro